European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Editor: Dr William Palin.

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March 2017

Included in this issue:

  • A randomised controlled trial of a nanofilled composite at three years: Did selective enamel etching have an effect? - 10.1922/EJPRD_1527Burke07 : Kerry Osborne-SmithAli JamesJonathan JonesO. ThompsonPeter SandsWilliam M PalinRussell J CrispF.J Trevor Burke
  • Treatment Outcomes and Assessment of Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Treated Hypodontia Patients - 10.1922/EJPRD_01586Abu-Awwad08 : Dr Aviva PetrieDr Akil GulamaliDr Daljit GillDr Saja MannaaDr Kenneth HemmingsDr Motasum Abu-Awwad
  • Can Cleansing Regimens Effectively Eliminate Saliva Contamination from Lithium Disilicate Ceramic Surface? - 10.1922/EJPRD_1605Borges06 : Dr Marco C BottinoRenata MeloDr Fernanda CamposMutlu Ă–zcanDr Sumana PosritongDr Alexandre L. S. Borges


European Journal of Prosthodontics

The European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry is published quarterly and includes clinical and research articles in subjects such as prosthodontics, operative dentistry, implantology, endodontics, periodontics and dental materials. ISSN 0965-7452