Articles in Press

Title D.O.I.
A Service Evaluation of Dental Assessments Prior to Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer in NHS Grampian 10.1922/EJPRD_2297Aydin05
Accuracy of Removable Partial Denture Frameworks Fabricated Using Conventional and Digital Technologies 10.1922/EJPRD_2285Muehlemann11
Analysis of Biofilm Adhesion on CAD/CAM Lithium Disilicates Under Different Types of Intraoral Polishing 10.1922/EJPRD_2275Catanoze09
Biomechanics of Different Types of PEEK as Implant Materials for Implant-Retained Mandibular Overdentures 10.1922/EJPRD_2286Hassan08
Clinical Performance of Complete-Arch ImplantSupported Rehabilitations Using Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Restorations Bonded to CAD/CAM Titanium and Zirconia Frameworks up to 5 Years 10.1922/EJPRD_2069Fabbri09
Comparison of Dentin Caries Remineralization with Four Bioactive Cements 10.1922/EJPRD_2363Valizadeh07
Comparison of StudRetentor Versus Bar-Clip Attachment as ImplantSupported Systems Used in Overdentures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 10.1922/EJPRD_2338deCastro19
Direct Short-Fiber Reinforced Composite Resin Restorations and Glass-Ceramic Endocrowns in Endodontically Treated Molars: A 4 -Year Clinical Study 10.1922/EJPRD_2333Bijelic-Donova12
Does Immediate Dentine Sealing Improve Bonding Effectiveness of Glass Ceramic Restorations Compared to Delayed Dentine Sealing? 10.1922/EJPRD_2299Kolanko11
Effect of Tannic Acid and Quercetin Antioxidants on Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Dentin after Internal Bleaching 10.1922/EJPRD_2324Shafiei08
Effect of Translucency and Curing Mode of Four CAD/CAM Materials on Polymerization Efficiency of Light and Dual Cure Resin Cements 10.1922/EJPRD_2353Shono09
Evaluating the Bond Strength of a Polymer Infiltrated Ceramic Network to Zirconia Using the Crossbeam Push-Off Method 10.1922/EJPRD_2348Bashary07
Evaluation of Mechanical Behavior of CAD/CAM Polymers for Long-term Interim Restoration Following Artificial Aging 10.1922/EJPRD_2392Soliman09
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Two Fibre-Reinforced Post Removal Techniques 10.1922/EJPRD_02101AlShabib06
Evaluation of Various Polishing Systems for Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramics 10.1922/EJPRD_2332Lee12
Impact of Treatment with Unilateral ImplantSupported Fixed Partial Prosthesis on the Frequency of Masticatory Side Switches in Patients with Unilateral Posterior Missing Teeth 10.1922/EJPRD_2336Khoury-Ribas07
Implant-Supported Extra-Orally Cemented Monolithic Zirconia Crowns: A Prospective Controlled Clinical Study up to 18 Months in Function 10.1922/EJPRD_2029Cakan08
Longevity of Resin Composite and Amalgam Posterior Restorations: A Systematic Review 10.1922/EJPRD_2371Maciel09
Prosthetic Management of Severe Mandibular Deviation in a Hemi-Mandibulectomy Patient Following Osteoradionecrosis 10.1922/EJPRD_2229Chin11
Strain Gauge Analysis of the Stresses Induced by Different Secondary Coping Materials in Tooth Supported Telescopic Overdentures 10.1922/EJPRD_2361Mohamed09
The Accuracy of Digital Implant Impressions when Using and Varying the Material and Diameter of the Dental Implant Scan Bodies 10.1922/EJPRD_2367Althubaitiy09
The Influence of a Flexible Model on the Marginal Adaptation of Inlay Composite Restorations: A MicroCT Analysis 10.1922/EJPRD_2351Villanueva07
Trueness, 3D Deviation, Time and Cost Comparisons Between Milled and 3D-Printed Resin Single Crowns 10.1922/EJPRD_2306No-Cortes06
Two-Year Survival of Ceramic Endocrowns and Partial Coverage Ceramic Restorations with Fiber Post: A 2-Year Double-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial 10.1922/EJPRD_2374Morimoto10
Water as Veneering Modeling Liquid Affects Microhardness of Glassy Matrix Veneering Ceramic 10.1922/EJPRD_2374Amaral05