European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Evaluation of Cerec Endocrowns: A Preliminary Cohort Study


Abstract - This study aimed to evaluate clinical qualities and evolution on ceramic endocrowns produced with the Cerec 3D (Sirona). Endocrowns were produced in a hospital environment and evaluated according to the FDI criteria on the day of placement and 6 months afterwards. Each item was graded from 1 (good) to 5 (bad). A global score, as well as a score for aesthetics, functioning and biological integration was assessed for each evaluation. During the 6-month evaluation period, the scores were always related to good clinical quality, except for single crown restoration. The scores did not change between the two periods of evaluation.

KEYWORDS: Cad/Cam, Cerec, Endocrown, FDI criteria


N. Decerle, M. Bessadet, M. L. Munoz-Sanchez, C. Eschevins, J.Veyrune, E. Nicolas

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