European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

A Practice-Based Clinical Evaluation of a Bulk Fill Restorative Material


Objective: To evaluate the handling, by a group of practice-based researchers, of a recently introduced bulk fill resin-based composite restorative material, Filtek Bulk Fill Restorative (3M ESPE). Methods: The twelve selected evaluators were sent explanatory letters, a pack of the material under investigation to use for 8 weeks, and a questionnaire. Results: The evaluators rated the ease of use of the bulk fill restorative the same as the previously used posterior composite material. The provision of one shade only for evaluation may have compromised the score for aesthetic quality. No post-operative sensitivity was reported. Conclusions: The bulk fill material was well received as indicated by the high number of evaluators who would both purchase the material and recommend it to colleagues. Clinical relevance: A recently introduced bulk fill restorative material achieved a rating for handling which was similar to the evaluators’ previously used resin composite, although there were some concerns regarding the translucency of the material.

Composite Resins
Bulk Fill
Handling Properties


Peter Sands, Philip Redfearn, Ditesh Panchal, Russell John Crisp, FJ Trevor Burke

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