Longevity of Resin Composite and Amalgam Posterior Restorations: A Systematic Review

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  • Carolina M. Maciel
  • Kusai Baroudi
  • Leonardo D. S. Barroso
  • Larissa D. C. Costa
  • Tatiane C. V. Souto
  • Rafael Pino Vitti


Objectives: The objective of this systematic review was to compare the longevity of direct amalgam and composite resin restorations, in posterior teeth, through clinical, prospective or retrospective studies, with at least 5 years of follow-up. Materials and Methods: Studies published in the last 15 years (from 2006 to 2021) were collected using the PubMed and Medline databases. Results: The search strategy associated with the established inclusion and exclusion criteria resulted in a total of 17 articles. Factors related to failures in the performance of restorations were analyzed together with the clinical performance results of each material over the years of study, according to the methodology of each article. Conclusions: Regardless of the restorative material, the
successful results over more than 5 years are due much more to the correct application of the technique, the operator’s skill/knowledge and factors related to the patient, such as the type of tooth, number of faces involved in the restoration and oral hygiene.
Composite Resins
Dental Amalgam