Retention and Patient Satisfaction of Conventional Over Simplified Non-Balanced Maxillary Removable Complete Dentures

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  • Shanmugapriya Ponmani
  • Naveen Gopi Chander
  • Kuttae Vishwanathan Anitha
  • Muthukumar Balasubramanium


Aim: Insufficient evidence is available in quantifying the retention between simplified and conventional non-balanced dentures. The aim of the study was to quantify and compare the maxillary denture retention and patient satisfaction between conventional and simplified removable non-balanced complete dentures. Method: This randomized clinical trial recruited 44 patients (n=22) with definitive criteria. Simplified and conventional non-balanced complete dentures were fabricated for the intervention groups. The denture retention of maxillary complete dentures was assessed with a dynamometer and patient satisfaction with a visual analogue scale. The mean retention of maxillary denture and satisfaction were recorded at 0-,3-, and 6 – month intervals. The data were statistically analyzed. (α=.05). Results: The mean ±SD of retention for conventional denture at 0, 3, and 6 months by dynamometer ranged from 122 ± 1.64 N to 121 ± 1.57 N and 111 ±1.45N to 110±1.97 N for the simplified denture. The mean ±SD of visual analogue score varied between 9.45±0.35 to 7.19± 0.69 for conventional dentures and 8.00 ±1.39 to 6.81±0.82 for simplified dentures. The repeated ANOVA, t-test and post-hoc Bonferroni revealed statistically significant differences between the two types of denture. (P<.05) Conclusion: Numerical retention and satisfaction were higher in conventional non-balanced dentures than simplified dentures.

Patient Satisfaction
Conventional Complete Dentures
Simplified Complete Denture