European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

A Comparative study on the Effectiveness of Augmented Reality on Denture Tooth Selection


One of the most difficult aspects of providing removable dentures, for both the patient and the dentist, is the tooth selection process. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of augmented reality (AR) on patient experience of the tooth selection process. Materials and Methods: 3D scanning of upper anterior teeth of various shapes and sizes allowed for the creation of a virtual library that were subsequently used to programme an AR software application, ‘ToothPick’. Seventeen participants were recruited to a comparative study at Leeds Dental Institute, over two clinical appointments, to trial
the app and complete a 10-question survey to assess the efficacy of AR simulation. The sample size response generated outcome variables for ‘perceived usefulness’ and ‘perceived ease of use’ from the perspectives of the patient, dentist and technician. Results: By the second appointment, 86% of participants preferred the app over the conventional methods for selection of denture teeth due to increased ease of use and accuracy that AR simulation had in replicating the wax try-in. Conclusion: The sample population favoured the adoption of AR technology to select denture teeth from the perspective of both the patient and the clinician.Keywords


Nikita Jiwan, Ajit Ark, Roy Middup, Sabrina Rasaiah, Rebecca Davies, T Paul Hyde, Andrew Keeling

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