European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Mechanical Characteristics of Composite Resins Produced by Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing


Introduction: The aim of the study was to evaluate the mechanical characteristics of resin composites produced by additive and subtractive manufacturing. Methods: Six composite resin materials produced by subtractive (Vita Enamic-VE, Cerasmart-CE, Lava Ultimate-LU) and additive manufacturing (Varseo Smile Crown plus-VSC, Saremco Print Crowntec-SPC, Formlabs 3B Permanent crown-FLP) were selected. The three-point bending test was performed, and surface hardness of test specimens was measured. Results: The flexural strength values of CE, SPC and LU test groups were found to be statistically higher when compared to VE, FLP and VSC test groups (p<0.0033). The modulus of elasticity values of the test specimens was listed as VE>LU>CE>SPC>FLP>VSC. The
FLP group [35.11(4.46)] had the lowest surface hardness values, whereas the VE group [252.50 (21.5)] had the highest values. Other groups were listed as LU>CE>SPC>VSC in terms of surface hardness. Conclusions: According to the ISO 6872:2015, the flexural strengths of all resin composites were found to be acceptable for single unit fixed restorations. However, the VSC group’s flexural strength is suitable for inlay, onlay, veneer restorations or single-unit anterior fixed dental prostheses. Also, VSC may not be a suitable choice for posterior restorations due to its low flexural strength.

Composite Resins
Flexural Properties
Surface Hardness


Mehmet Ali Kılıçarslan, Cansu Yıkıcı, Nazire Esra Ozer, Zeynep Sahin

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