European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Mandibular Distalisation for Tooth Wear in Patients Requiring Mandibular Protrusion for Sleep Apnoea


Background: Pathological tooth wear is an increasing concern and may require intervention and occlusal rehabilitation. Often the treatment includes distalisaton of the mandible to restore the dentition in centric relation. Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is another condition treated my mandibular repositioning but in this case by an advancement appliance. The authors have a concern that there could be a group of patients with both conditions where distalisation for their tooth wear management would be contrary to their OSA treatment. This paper aims to look at this potential risk. Methods: A literature search was carried out using the following keywords (OSA or sleep apnoea or apnea or snoring or AHI or Epworth score) and for tooth surface loss (TSL or distalisation or centric relation or tooth wear or full mouth rehabilitation). Results: No studies were identified which considered the effect of mandibular distalisation on OSA. Conclusion: There
is a theoretical risk that dental treatment involving distalisation may adversely affect patients at risk of OSA or worsening their condition due to the modification of airway patency. Further study is recommended.

Tooth Surface Loss
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Sleep Apnoea
Centric Relation


Brian J. Millar, David Parmenter

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