European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Vertical Marginal and Internal Adaptation of All-ceramic Copings made by CAD/CAM Technology.


Abstract - Vertical marginal and internal adaptation scores of all-ceramic copings made by Computer aided manufacturing / computer aided design (CAD/CAM) were investigated. Scores were compared between Procera all-ceram copings, Cerec-in-lab copings and IPS Empress 2 copings. A stereomicroscope was used (at x45) to measure vertical marginal scores and also used to measure internal adaptation after dies were sectioned. Procera copings showed better vertical marginal adaptations on dies and master preparation and internal adaptation on dies than both IPS Empress 2 and Cerec- in-lab copings. All copings appeared to produce vertical marginal and internal adaptation scores well within the maximum clinically acceptable gaps.

KEY WORDS: Adaptation, All-ceramic, Copings, CAD/CAM, Stereomicroscope


M.A. AL-Rabab’ah, T.V. Macfarlane, J. Fraser McCord

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