European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Mechanical Effects of Implant-tooth Rigid Connection by a Fixed Partial Denture: A 3d Finite Element Analysis.


Abstract - This study investigated the mechanical behaviour of tooth-implant fixed partial dentures by three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis. Titanium implants of various length and diameter were rigidly connected to a premolar either by two connected ceramic crowns or by a three unit Fixed Partial Denture. The implant acted like the fulcrum of an orthodontic device inducing tooth intrusion. Bone stresses appeared around the neck of the implant. Implant and abutment’s stresses were meaningfully less intense with high diameter and low span. Implant length was a less influencing parameter. The use of wide-bodied implants is recommended in selected cases of short-span fixed partial dentures.

KEY WORDS: Fixed Partial Denture, Prosthodontics, Implant, Intrusion, Stress, Finite element analysis


Adrien Naveau, Laurent Pierrisnard

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