European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

An Investigation of the ability of Computerized Axiography to Reproduce Occlusal Contacts


Abstract - Intraoral excursive tooth contacts were compared with contacts made on both an unprogrammed and programmed Denar D5a articulator. 20 subjects were used to obtain study models which were mounted using a facebow transfer in Intercuspal Position. Cadiax Data was used to customise the articulator and left and right intraoral excursive contacts were examined and transferred from the mouth to the articulator using occlusagram wax bites. Using image analysis, the proportion of corresponding tooth contacts and the percentage of corresponding tooth contacts were significantly better when the articulator was programmed.

KEYWORDS: Articulator, facebow, programmed, Cadiax, Axiograph, occlusion, occlusal contacts, Denar


Paul Franklin, Robert McLelland, Paul Brunton

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