European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Flabby Alveolar Ridges: A Modified Technique to Treat this Clinical Challenge.


Abstract - Flabby tissues are common clinical finding which poses no problem of pain and discomfort but adversely affect the support, retention and stability of complete dentures. This paper presents a nonsurgical alternative to such cases focusing on a modified impression technique to record the flabby tissue in its undisplaced form. The custom tray was made in two parts, the first part of which contains a “lattice-work”, which strengthens the tray followed by a second tray, which adequately supports the final impression. A standard neutral zone technique was additionally employed for the mandibular ridge as it was severely resorbed.

KEY WORDS: Extensive flabby alveolar ridge, modified custom tray design, Neutral zone


Nidhi Kathuria, Rahul Prasad, Shreenivas Vasant Bhide

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