European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Correlation of Prosthetic Status with the Gohai and Tmd Indices


Abstract - this study sought to find a correlation between the prosthetic status and TMD and between the prosthetic status and self-perception of oral health in a Brazilian elderly population (n=400). Prosthetic status was recorded in clinical examinations, and TMD was determined by applying the Helkimo index. Self-perception of oral health was evaluated based on the Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI). The most prevalent prosthetic status was edentulous using complete dentures (47.5%). Absence of subjective TMD symptoms was found in 69.5%, and of clinical TMD signs in 38.3% of the population. The average GOHAI score was 33.02 ± 2.85. A correlation was found between prosthetic status and TMD subjective symptoms (P=0.017), but prosthetic status and TMD objective signs were uncorrelated (P=0.061). Prosthetic status and self-perception of oral health were positively correlated (P=0.001).

KEY WORDS: Temporomandibular dysfunction, Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index, institutionalized elderly, community-dwelling elderly, prosthetic status.


Leonardo Marchini, Rafael Leonardo Xediek Consani, Mateus Bertolini Fernandes dos Santos, Mariana Diehl Figueiredo, Maria Carolina Abud

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