European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Premolars with Fibre-Reinforced Composite Restorations


Abstract - This study investigated the fracture resistance and failure mode of endodontically treated premolars restored with a glass fibre-reinforced composite resin. Endodontically treated maxillary premolars were divided in 4 groups: group O: occlusal access opening restored with direct composite; group O+: as group O but with fibre reinforcement; group MOD: occlusal access opening and mesio-distal (MOD) cavity restored with direct composite; group MOD+: as group MOD but with additional fibre reinforcement. Pairwise comparisons of the fracture force among all groups was performed (95% confidence level). Fractures were classified in 4 groups depending on the type of fracture. Group O was the strongest (452.7N) and group MOD the weakest (292.4N). Fracture resistance was significantly different among all groups, except between groups O+ and MOD+. The majority of the unreinforced teeth displayed unfavourable fractures, while the reinforced teeth displayed more favourable fractures. The incorporation of glass fibre weakened endodontically treated but otherwise intact premolars; premolars with MOD restorations were stronger if reinforced with fibres. Fibre reinforcement led to more favourable fractures.

KEY WORDS: Composite restoration; glass fibre; fracture resistance


Greta Geerts, Etienne Pitout, Herklaas Visser

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