European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

BSSPD 58th Annual Conference Austin Court, Birmingham 18 and 19 April 2011


The BSSPD conference was held at Austin Court in Birmingham on 18th and 19th April 2011 under the presidency of Professor Damien Walmsley. The conference was opened by Professor Lawrence Young, Pro-Vice Chancellor & Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at Birmingham Dental Hospital. BSSPD has often found itself collaborating in many interdisciplinary projects over the years. This year was no exception with our conference entitled “Jewels of Restorative Dentistry” reflecting this style of association. Gay Penfold, manager of the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre gave a fascinating talk on “Jeweller or Dentist – spot the difference!” Her entertaining style included pictures and designs of the latest fashion jewellery made using the latest techniques. We were then privileged to listen to Deborah White who was able to give the first presentation on the results from the Adult Dental Health Survey “Old age with teeth? A changing picture of oral health in the UK”. This was followed by Professor Trevor Burke who presented a paper based on his results of the Dental Practice Board “Stop the burning – bridges to success”. The results of this work had shown that bridges prepared by older dentists had a longer survival rate. Professor Philip Lumley finished the morning session with a timely update on endodontics and discussed success rates in his talk “To the apex and beyond?” After lunch Professor Iain Chapple gave an entertaining and thought provoking talk entitled “Losing teeth makes you die younger”. He took us through the metabolism and how it affects the gums and the influence of losing your teeth. The last keynote speaker of the day, David Attrill, gave a reflective and also forward thinking lecture “Lessons of the past, visions of the future” which included a video of a patient undergoing treatment. The last session of the day consisted of three open papers covering Cleft palates (Naveen Karir), e-learning (Upen Patel) and primary care treatment of pulpitis (Peter Frost). At the same time a parallel session of poster presentations were being judged and there was an impressive display of topics with very enthusiastic young people around to explain their cases and research. Monday’s programme concluded with the annual conference dinner which was held at the Botanical Gardens. In keeping with the beautiful spring weather it was possible to enjoy pre-dinner drinks in the grounds. Prizes were presented and representatives from Hereaus Kultzer and Schottlander were present to award prizes to successful winners in several categories. The BSSPD young graduate prizes were also announced. We were then treated to an excellent after dinner speech by local comedian Don Maclean. David, Andrej and Bob receiving the prize from the President, Professor Damien Walmsley Tuesday morning featured presentations for the Schottlander Oral Prize from Andreas Artopoulos, Gareth Calvert and Joe Vere. The presentations were of a very high standard and whilst the judges were deliberating on the result, the final keynote lecture was given by Professor Mike Fenlon who discussed the “Rehabilitation of compromised patients using implant supported prostheses”. The Schottlander Oral Prize was then awarded to Andreas Artopoulos from Kings College London for his talk on “A metrological investigation of the dimensional stability of three permanent denture base materials”.

Professor Damien Walmsley offers his congratulations to Andreas Artopolous, winner of the 2011 Schottlander Oral Prize The Schottlander Poster Prize was awarded to Salehi Rabbani from Kings College London for her poster “An in vitro comparative study of the retentive forces and wear of the Locator attachment system”. Unfortunately Salehi was unable to attend so Bob Clark, Andrej Juszczyk and David Radford accepted the award on her behalf.

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