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Articles from this issue

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Peer Reviewers 2010-11
10.1922/EJPRD_ 1023Reviewers01
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Influence of a Peracetic Acid-Based Immersion on Indirect Composite Resin
no access 52 54 £10.00
Book Review - Orofacial pain: Guidelines for assessment, diagnosis, and management American Academy of Orofacial Pain (AAOP)
no access 55 55 £10.00
Repair versus replacement of defective composite restorations in dental schools in Germany
no access 56 61 £10.00
Modified Technique for Retaining Silicone Auricular Prosthesis: A Case Report
no access 62 66 £10.00
Management of a patient suffering with Cherubism with Dental Implants
no access 67 71 £10.00
BSSPD 58th Annual Conference Austin Court, Birmingham 18 and 19 April 2011
no access 72 74 £10.00
Radiographic Evaluation of Healing Tissues of Early-failing Implants after Therapy: A Case Report
no access 76 79 £10.00
Frechette Awards 2011
no access 80 80 £10.00
Two-Body Wear Resistance of Some Indirect Composite Resins
no access 81 84 £10.00
A Study on the Practical Applicability of the Rule of Golden Rectangle in Dental Aesthetics
no access 85 89 £10.00
Book Review - Clinical Dental Medicine 2020
no access 90 90 £10.00
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