European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Repair versus replacement of defective composite restorations in dental schools in Germany


Abstract - The aim of this paper was to review the current teaching of repairs to direct composite restorations in dental schools in Germany, last surveyed ten years ago. Based on an 83% response rate, the findings indicate that most, but not all, dental schools included teaching of repair techniques; however marked variations were found to exist regarding clinical indications and repair techniques of the teaching. It is suggested that certain aspects of the existing teaching in some schools should be reviewed, specifically the lack of use of a bonding agent and the issue of flowable composites to complete repairs.

KEY WORDS: Direct composite resin restorations, repair, minimally invasive


Nairn H.F. Wilson, Detlef Heidemann, Anette Schriever, Christopher D. Lynch, Igor R. Blum

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