European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

An Audit of Shade Reproduction of Fixed Metal Ceramic Prostheses


Abstract - This investigation aimed to evaluate the colour difference between metal ceramic restorations and their corresponding shades and any reasons for a colour mismatch in the dental laboratory. The colour of 50 consecutive metal ceramic restorations produced in a laboratory was measured using a spectrophotometer and compared to the shade tabs. Colour reproduction was optimal at porcelain thicknesses between 1.4-1.6mm, varied between technicians within the same laboratory and was better for shades in the 2M group. Most crowns were above the threshold for a clinically acceptable shade match and almost all crowns were lighter than the corresponding shade tab.

KEY WORDS: Shade reproduction, Spectrophotometry, Metal ceramic restoration


Karl Finch, Fadi D Jarad, Adejumoke Adeola Adeyemi, Sawsan Al-Shamaa

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