European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Fragment Reattachment Associated with Pulpotomy in a Posterior Tooth with Incomplete Root Formation


Abstract - This article reports a case of preserving pulp vitality combined with aesthetics and functional reconstruction of an immature permanent molar extensively destroyed because of a carious lesion. After a pulpotomy using calcium hydroxide, the tooth crown was restored by bonding a dental fragment obtained from an extracted tooth from another individual. Aspects of diagnosis and treatment that directly affect the prognosis of the techniques are discussed. Radiographic and clinical follow-up for two years showed complete root development and a very satisfactory restoration with regard to aesthetics and function.

KEY WORDS: pulpotomy, calcium hydroxide, apexogenesis, dental bonding, molar.


Carlos Eduardo Pinto Alcântara, Patrícia Corrêa-Faria, Karine Taís Aguiar Tavano, Adriana Maria Botelho

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