European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

BSSPD 59th Annual Conference 2012 Liverpool Hilton Hotel


The 2012 conference was the BSSPD’s inaugural conference as the British Society of Prosthodontics and was held in the Liverpool Hilton Hotel under the presidency of Mr Chris Butterworth. It was also our largest conference in recent years with a total of 215 conference delegates attending overall. We were privileged to have the local Merseyside foundation dentists attending as well as a large cohort of non-member delegates in what was a truly groundbreaking event. The theme of the meeting was “Complex problems – innovative solutions” and this was remarkably expounded by a fantastic line-up of internationally recognised speakers. Prof Dale Howes was the keynote speaker and impressed the audience with two lectures in maxillofacial prosthodontics where he presented protocols for the management of the compromised maxilla including the use of zygomatic and other angled implants. He presented a whole range of complex cases and really demonstrated the power of computerised planning as well as the use of stereolithographic model surgery and preparation prior to entering the operating theatre. Keynote speaker Prof Dale Howes Dr Michael Norton presented a well referenced lecture on the use of immediate implant placement and loading in the aesthetic zone. He emphasised that we are not carpenters trying to achieve immense primary implant stability but clinicians dealing with a biological system. He discussed the use of ISQ when making the decision as to whether implants should be loaded immediately and presented some beautifully executed cases showing what can be achieved in this regard. Dr Michael Norton Dr Norbert Enkling from the University of Bern in Switzerland discussed the use of precision attachments on teeth as a valuable means of rehabilitating the partially edentate patient either with or without the use of additional supportive implants. The quality of the work presented was evident to all with a strong evidence base to back up the continued use of attachments in selected patients.

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Modern High Powered Led Curing Lights and Their Effect on Pulp Chamber Temperature of Bulk and Incrementally Cured Composite Resin
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Provision of Resin Bonded Bridgework for a Patient with Microstomia Secondary to Scleroderma
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Adaptive Toothbrush Handle: Case Report of a Thalidomide Patient
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BSSPD 59th Annual Conference 2012 Liverpool Hilton Hotel
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Comparison of Three Anthropometric Techniques for Tooth Selection
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Antibacterial Properties of Amalgam and Composite Resin Materials Used as Cores under Crowns
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Self Retentive Partial Silicone Auricular Prosthesis: A Case Report
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Rehabilitation of an Extraoral and Intraoral Defect Complicated with Microstomia. A Study Case
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The Impact of Fractured Endodontic File Removal on Vertical Root Fracture Resistance: Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
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Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach with one Piece Implants for Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors: A Case Report
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