European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Modern High Powered Led Curing Lights and Their Effect on Pulp Chamber Temperature of Bulk and Incrementally Cured Composite Resin


Abstract - Pulpal temperature changes induced by modern high powered light emitting diodes (LEDs) are of concern when used to cure composite resins. This study showed an increase in pulp chamber temperature with an increase in power density for all light cure units (LCU) when used to bulk cure composite resin. Amongst the three LEDs tested, the Elipar Freelight-2 recorded the highest temperature changes. Bulk curing recorded a significantly larger rise in pulp chamber temperature change than incrementally cured resin for all light types except for the SmartlightTMPS . Both the high powered LED and the conventional curing units can generate heat. Though this temperature rise may not be sufficient to cause irreversible pulpal damage, it would be safer to incrementally cure resins.

KEY WORDS: Light curing; pulpal heat; LED; halogen; composite resin; bulk curing; incremental curing.


T.G. Oberholzer, M.E. Makofane, I.C. du Preez, R. George

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