European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Comparison of the Flexural Strength of Two Dual Cure Adhesive Resin Cements Under Oral Simulated Conditions: An In-Vitro Study


Abstract - The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the flexural strength of the newly developed self-adhesive dual cure resin cement and compare it with conventional resin cement under oral simulated conditions. A conventional resin cement (Calibra®) and self adhesive resin cement (RelyXTMU100) were selected and 40 specimens of each cement were fabricated for the study. Half of these specimens were polymerized directly whereas the other half were polymerized through 2mm of porcelain disc. Specimens were tested after 24hrs and after 30 days immersion in artificial saliva. A three point bending test was performed using universal testing machine at a crosshead speed of 1mm/min. Overall RelyXTMU100 showed higher mean flexural strength compared to Calibra® (141.55 MPa, 119.46 MPa, respectively). When the specimens of both the cements were light cured through 2 mm porcelain disc, their flexural strength decreased significantly. The mean flexural strength of both self adhesive and conventional dual cure adhesive resin cements was increased significantly after storage in artificial saliva for 30 days at 37°C. Among the two dual cure resin cements, the self adhesive dual cure cement (RelyXTM U100) showed increased overall mean flexural strength as compared to conventional resin cement (Calibra®) under all the curing and storage protocols.

KEY WORDS: Flexural strength, adhesive resin cement and dual cure cement


P. Awasthi, A. Nair, K.M. Regish, M.Viswambaran, M. Kumar

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