European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Wetting Characteristics of Addition Silicon Materials Subjected to Immersion Disinfection – An In-Vitro Study.


Abstract - An in-vitro study was conducted to assess wetting characteristic of four brands of addition silicon materials subjected to immersion disinfection using four different disinfectants. Among the non-disinfected specimens, the lowest contact angle was recorded for Aquasil ultra (21.63), followed by Imprint II (29.06), Aquasil LV (44.10) and Take1 (44.55). While 5.25% phenol increased the contact angle of all the silicon materials; 0.05% iodophor increased the angle of Take 1 and Imprint II and 0.5% sodium hypochlorite increased the angle of Imprint II and decreased for Aquasil ultra. However, 2% glutaraldehyde did not significantly change the contact angle of any of the four impression materials.

KEY WORDS: Immersion disinfection, contact angle, addition silicon material, contamination, wetting, hydrophilicity.


S.R. Shetty, G. Kamat, D.Y. Patil, R. Shetty

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