European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Book Review - Plastic esthetic-Periodontal and Implant Surgery.


Otto Zuhr and Marc Hurzeler. Quintessence Publishing. 872 pages, 1905 mostly coloured illustrations. ISBN 9781850972266. Hardback £268
What a great opportunity to review such a highly impressive advanced periodontal and implant plastic surgery textbook. If there is a periodontal plastic surgery textbook to stand out on your bookshelf, this is certainly it. Its bright pink colour is both bold and dramatic in nature, and its size and weight ensures that it has its own pride and place on the shelf. There are of course many additional reasons for the textbook to gain such respect. It is immediately obvious the time, energy and effort that the authors have spent in preparing and writing the book, and their underpinning scientific and theoretical knowledge is clearly demonstrated throughout. The evidence base is exemplary, with both classical and current literature presented. Both Professors Zuhr and Hurzeler by their own admissions are ‘wet-handed’ dentists for whom it is evident throughout the book that they undertake the highest quality clinical treatment on a regular basis, and have a vast amount of experience. Their skill and finesse is depicted through the greatly magnified images, which help to guide the reader through sequential steps throughout the complex surgical procedures. Furthermore the book is full of practical advice and tips that the reader can apply to a multitude of clinical scenarios. With an increasing demand for aesthetical dentistry and equally increasing patient expectations, the authors give the reader an insight into their rationale and ethos when providing treatment for these cohorts of patients. The value in listening to patients’ concerns is highlighted, in addition to spending time to understand their wants, wishes, needs or desires. The treating clinician needs to recognize their own limitations and ultimately make a decision as to whether they can help to solve the patients’ problems. Ultimately the true assessor of the clinical outcome will be the patient, and if their expectations haven’t been satisfied, then treatment will be deemed to be unsatisfactory. This may be despite the fact treatment has technically been carried out to the highest standard. The book is divided into three main sections, with twentytwo chapters and a short appendix that includes a list of materials and instruments used throughout. Section A, includes chapters one to six and covers general principles with regards to periodontal and implant plastic surgical procedures. Topics include anatomy and biology of the periodontium and peri-implant interface; patient and esthetical assessment with appropriate management advice; general microsurgical theory with flap designs, incision and suturing techniques and thereafter the healing responses to treatment. The initial chapters of the book aim to educate and prepare the reader for the advanced surgical procedures that follow in section B. The second section includes seven chapters that systematically present the theory and a step-by-step procedure for each surgical technique. Each chapter follows a similar format for the theory, complete with key summary points, a workplace preparation checklist and a selection of case reports. Additionally there is a separate reference list for each procedure. Techniques covered include: harvesting of autografts, gingival augmentation, treatment of gingival recession defects, crown lengthening, papilla reconstruction, management of extraction sockets and replacement of missing teeth. The final section is covered in chapters fourteen to twentytwo, and although this is a relatively short section, it covers the all-important complications to surgery. Topics presented include: intra and post-operative bleeding, flap perforation, post-operative infection, flap and connective tissue graft necrosis, failure of bone grafts and implants. The topics of scars, tattoos, excess soft tissue and disturbance of the biologic width are finally discussed. With such a comprehensive book, presented in great detail, with the highest quality images, the one unfortunate drawback comes its size and weight. This makes it somewhat prohibitive for reading on the move, consequently making it a desktop textbook. That being said, the book is not only an ideal purchase for dentists undertaking specialist training in periodontal, implant or in general restorative dentistry. Specialists or dentists with a particular interest in periodontal surgery wishing to enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge in advanced periodontal surgical techniques will not be disappointed. A further distinct advantage to the book is that there is an accompanying ten volume DVD series, which guides and reinforces the reader of the clinical procedures explained throughout the book. Matt Garnett, School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University.


M. Garnett

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