European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Effect of air moisture content on adhesion to dentine: a comparison of dental air/water syringe tips


Abstract - This study aimed to evaluate the spray pattern and air moisture content produced by single-use syringe and multiple-use syringe tips. The drying efficacy was evaluated by analyzing the spray and by detecting the presence of moisture in the air blast through the tips. Single-use tips had a more consistent spray pattern and produced a moisture-free airflow compared to the multiple-use tips. The differences were statistically significant. Adhesion to dentine between tooth preparations dried with the two tips was evaluated using a tensile test. The differences were statistically insignificant.

KEY WORDS: Bond strength, Dentine, Moisture, Spray pattern, Syringe tips


A. Lau, V. Bennani, N. Chandler, S. Hanlin, B. Lowe

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