European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Axial Tooth Contour Alteration Following Fixed Prosthodontic Treatment


Axial Tooth Contour Alteration Following Fixed Prosthodontic Treatment

Abstract - This study evaluated the effect of crown restoration on the tooth labial axial contour. The pre-treatment and post-treatment models of 13 patients who underwent complex fixed prosthodontic treatment were obtained. All the models were converted to virtual models. Each post-treatment model was overlapped on the corresponding pre-treatment model to evaluate the contour alteration of the clinical crown. The contour of the crowned teeth significantly increased following the crown restoration treatment. The increase of the contour was directly proportional to the distance from the gingival margin. The anterior teeth had a significantly greater contour increase than the posterior teeth.

KEY WORDS: Crown contour, overcontouring, image registration, microCT


J. Abduo

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