European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Dentures for Randomised Controlled Trials



Dentures for Randomised Controlled Trials
Mr Sean Dillon, Assoc. Prof. T. Paul Hyde

Making complete dentures for dental research is difficult. The difficulty is not in the construction of dentures, but making sure the clinician is blind to the randomizations, and avoiding confounding variables. For research purposes it is essential that two sets of dentures are similar in every way, apart from the area to be investigated. A previous article showed how to duplicate a lower denture when it was articulated against a single upper denture. This paper describes the additional duplication of upper dentures. These additional problems presented the clinical and technical teams at the Leeds Dental Institute some challenges.

Complete Dentures Randomized Controlled Trials Denture Construction


Assoc. Prof. T. Paul Hyde, Mr Sean Dillon

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