European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

An Investigation Into the Integrity of Fit of Provisional Crowns Using Current Proprietary Temporary Crown Materials


This study evaluated the prevalence and causes of post-cementation sensitivity and possible prevention measures according to the experience of dentists through an internet survey. A questionnaire was prepared with 25 items based on a survey introduced by Rosenstiel and Rashid. An online site was created for the participation to the survey. A total of 322 participants responded the questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire indicated the amount of tooth preparation (42.1%) is the most frequent reason for hypersensitivity followed by water-cooling with pressure (11.2%) and provisionals (10.9%). “Very important” response for tooth reduction, time before cementation, overheating, luting agent, occlusion and provisionals were found to be of statistical significance (p<0.001). Comparing respondents’ opinions the incidence of post-cementation sensitivity appears to be underestimated. Tooth reduction, preparation under high volume spray and quality of provisional restorations was considered to have a significant impact on the incidence of post-cementation sensitivity according to the dentists surveyed across Turkey. Respondents to the questionnaire considered the use of antimicrobial, desensitizing, resin bonding, hemostatic agents, varnishes, type of liner material, rotary instruments to be less effective for prevention of post-cementation sensitivity.

Prosthetic Dentistry


Jason Niggli, Georgios Georgakis, Philip D. Taylor

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