European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Does Ferrule Effect Affect Implant-Abutment Stability?


This cross-sectional survey investigated the reasons for placement and replacement of single crowns, the type of materials selected for initial placement and evaluated their longevity. Information was collected over 19 months period using a questionnaire focusing on the principal reasons for the placement and replacement of crowns, selected material type and the age of the crowns at the time of replacement. A total of 842 single crowns were evaluated in 476 patients. Of the 842 crowns, 472 (56%) were initial placements and 370 (44%) replacements. The main reason for placement of first single crowns was related to endodontic problems (26.5%). Metal-ceramic was indicated significantly more frequent (88.9%; p<0.01) than other materials for the placement and replacement
of single crowns. The median age of the replaced crowns was 6 years.

Clinical Study
Prosthetic Dentistry


Dr Marzieh Alikhasi, Prof. Hakimeh Siadat, Dr Elaheh Beyabanaki, Prof. Allahyar Geramy, Dr Maryam Mohajerfar

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