European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Treatment Outcomes and Assessment of Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Treated Hypodontia Patients


Objectives: 1. Assess treatment outcomes and oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL) of hypodontia patients after completing dental treatment at the Eastman Dental Hospital and compare it with British public norms. 2. Assess factors which have an association with patients’ reported OHRQoL. Methods: Hypodontia patients who finished their treatment completed a 16–item questionnaire (UK oral health related qualityof-life measure), a list of four questions about their satisfaction with treatment received and a clinical assessment using modified USPHS criteria. Results: The sample included 52 participants; median age 28 years (range 16 – 61 years). All participants had completed treatment for at least 6 months (range 6-60 months). Clinical assessment revealed 4 of the participants had complications requiring treatment. The OHRQoL mean scores of the sample were statistically significantly higher than the mean scores of the British public norms for most age groups (P<0.05). Factors which revealed association with OHRQoL scores were: gender (P=.047) and satisfaction with dental aesthetics (P=.006).
Conclusions: Hypodontia patients following treatment reported higher OHRQoL average scores compared to the British population. Higher OHRQoL scores were related to patients’ satisfaction with dental aesthetics after treatment. Females tended to report higher OHRQoL scores than males.

Treatment Outcomes
Oral Health Related Quality of Life


Dr Aviva Petrie, Dr Akil Gulamali, Dr Daljit Gill, Dr Saja Mannaa, Dr Kenneth Hemmings, Dr Motasum Abu-Awwad

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