European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

A Cross-Sectional Survey on Reasons for Initial Placement and Replacement of Single Crowns


Aim: This study aimed to test the null hypothesis that there are no significant differences in surface characteristics of eroded and abraded human, ovine and bovine enamel. Design: Twenty enamel slabs were prepared from bovine, human and ovine incisor crowns, and randomly assigned to one of 4 treatments: 30 second/4 minute immersion at 1%/6% w/v citric acid. Post-erosion, an oscillatory brush was used for 20 seconds. Roughness parameters, height change and scanning electron microscopy were measured at each stage. Results: Whilst the eroded surface became generally less rough
after the abrasive challenge, there were significant tissue differences. Abraded micro-hardness was significantly increased compared to eroded values (P < 0.001), Surface loss was also significantly different between tissue types (P < 0.001). Bovine enamel showed similar trends to human enamel but was consistently harder and more resistant
to surface change. Ovine enamel displayed little correlation with human enamel.Scanning electron microscopy images showed differences for each tissue that were consistent with the quantitative data. Conclusions: The null hypothesis was rejected; neither bovine nor ovine enamel can be reliably used interchangeably with human enamel for
erosion/abrasion studies.

Surface Roughness
Dental Erosion
Profi lometry


Prof. Mutlu Özcan, Prof. Mehmet Dalli, Prof. Ertugrul Ercan, Prof. Hakan Colak, Prof. Zeynep Uzgur, Prof. Recep Uzgur

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