European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Efficacy of Removable Partial Denture Treatment: A Retrospective Oral Health-Related Quality of Life Evaluation


Objectives: The 3 objectives are to assess current preferences for impressions for complete
dentures, audit practice and compare practice to current UK teaching. Methods:
Three surveys where undertaken; a survey of GDPs preferences, an audit of practice
and a survey of teaching in UK dental schools. Results: UK Universities advocate border
moulded custom trays. In stated preferences, 99% of practitioners used custom trays
for private practice; 67% for NHS work. In actual use, the audit found 91% practitioners
in private practice used custom trays; in NHS practice 78% did so. The most widely
taught materials were silicone (43%), alginate (29%), & zinc oxide eugenol paste (19%).
In practitioners stated preferences, 97% of NHS and 53% of private dentists listed alginate
as an option; however the audit showed only 74% (NHS) and 52% (private) actually
used alginate, with 20% (NHS) and 48% (private) using silicone. Conclusions: Definitive
impressions in custom trays are used by GDPs for both private and NHS work; they are
universally taught at UK dental schools. Alginate is popular in NHS practice; however,
silicone is more widely taught in UK Universities. The use of silicone materials for definitive
impressions has increased since 1999. In UK private practice silicone usage is
aligned in popularity with alginate.

General Dental Practice
Removable Prosthesis


Zaid Ali, Prof. Sarah Baker, Poyan Barabari, Prof. Nicolas Martin

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