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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate how different shades of try-in pastes, uncured and cured resin cements affect the overall colour of porcelain veneer restorations. Methods: A total of 90 porcelain veneers of shade Vita 1M1 VM7 and 0.6 mm thick were applied to bovine teeth using 3 shades of resin cement and their try-in paste produced by 3 manufacturers. Results: Colour differences produced between the try-in pastes and the corresponding shades of cured resin cements ranged from (ΔE* 1.18-3.1). The colour differences between uncured and cured resins of the same shade ranged from (ΔE* 0.78 – 1.41). Conclusions: Different shades of try-in pastes and resin cements produced colour changes which are clinically useful in changing the colour of veneer restorations
and therefore assist in colour matching to adjacent teeth. Clinically significant differences were noticed between try-in pastes and the cured resin of the same shade, however, there were relatively small changes measured between un-cured and cured resins. The colour match obtained by the try-in paste has to be treated with caution and further evaluation of the restoration made with the resin in place before curing is recommended.

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