European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Bond Strength Durability of Adhesive Cements to Translucent Zirconia: Effect of Surface Conditioning


Purpose: To evaluate the influence of airborne particle abrasion, Piranha acid and hot acid etching on bond strength of zirconia with self-adhesive resin cements after aging. Also, the effect of Silano-Pen treatment on the bond strength of zirconia to resin cements. Materials and Methods: Thirty-six zirconia blocks were cut, sintered and divided into three groups (n=12); Airborne particle abrasion, Piranha acid, and hot acid etching were then treated with Silano-Pen. Each zirconia block was bonded to its corresponding composite block utilizing either Panavia SA, TheraCem or Panavia F2.0. 360 micro-tensile test bars were obtained and half of them were subjected to 10000 thermal aging cycles. Each microtensile test bar was subjected to microtensile force until debonding.
Scanning Electron Microscopic evaluation was performed. Results: There was a significant difference between the surface treatments. Hot acid showed the highest mean bond strength and the lowest was Piranha acid. Panavia SA significantly improved the bond strength compared to TheraCem and Panavia F2.0. The interaction between cement and Silano-Pen was non-significant (p=.067). Under SEM analysis, hot acid treatments showed homogenous granular texture with wide distribution of porous network. Conclusions: Pre-treatment, resin cement, and aging influences the effectiveness of bonding of zirconia. Silano-Pen after hot acid improved the bonding of zirconia.

Hot Acid


Amal A. Sakrana, Walid Al-Zordk, Heba Shoukry, Mutlu Özcan

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