European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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Effect of selected mouthwashes with and without toothbrushing on the surface hardness of a resin modified glass-ionomer and two compomers.
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Prospective Evaluation of the Referral Pattern to Restorative Dentistry Consultation Clinics in Ireland
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The Acrylic Tooth-denture Base Bond: Effect of Mechanical Preparation and Surface Treatment
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The Bilateral Distal Extension Removable Partial Denture: Mechanical Problems and Solutions
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A Survey of Consultants and Specialists in Restorative Dentistry on their use of Health-Related Quality of Life questionnaires.
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An Investigation of the Accuracy of Refixing Broken Teeth to Stone Casts
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The Microhardness of Bleached Dentine and its Bond Strength to a Dentine Bonding Agent
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The Early Fluoride Release Pattern of an Aged Glass Ionomer Treated With Fluoride
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