European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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Long-term Survival of Direct and Indirect Restorations Placed for the Treatment of Advanced Tooth Wear
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Breakaway Forces of Flat and Domed Surfaced Magfittm Implant Magnet Attachments
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The Abrasion of Dental Composite by CobaltChromium Clasps
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Fracture Resistance of Roots with Thin Walls Restored Using an Intermediate Resin Composite Layer Placed Between the Dentine and a Cast Metal Post
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The Effect of a Range of Disinfectants on the Dimensional Accuracy and Stability of Some Impression Materials
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Mathematical Analysis of Occlusal Rest Design for Cast Removable Partial Dentures
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Analytical and Electrochemical Evaluation of the in vitro corrosion behavior of Nickel-chrome and Cobaltchrome casting alloys for metal-ceramic restorations.
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Apexification with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: an overview of the material and technique
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