European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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Colonization and Deterioration of Soft Denture Lining Materials in vivo
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A Survey on Orthodontic-Restorative Dental Services in a NHS Hospital
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Retentive Characteristics of Ankylos® SynCone Conical Crown System Over Long-term Use in vitro
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The Use of Implants at an Increased Vertical Dimension of Occlusion to Correct a Scissor Bite: A Case Report
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Effect of a Laboratory Surfactant on Compatibility of Type IV Dental Stones with Addition-Cured Silicone Impression Materials.
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Effect of Surfactant on Surface Hardness of Dental Stone and Investment Casts Produced from Polyvinyl Siloxane Duplicating Materials
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A Long Term Study on Residual Monomer Release from Denture Materials
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Shear Bond Strength Between Nickel-chromium and Human Dentine Using a Dual-cure, Self-adhesive Universal Resin Luting Agent
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BSSPD 55th Annual Conference
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Book Reviews
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