European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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Effect of Non Linearity of PDL on a Restored Tooth
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Methods Used in Dentine Bonding Tests: An Analysis of 102 Investigations on Bond Strength
no access 158 165 £10.00
Bonding of Crown and Bridge Adhesive Resins to Dentine
no access 166 170 £10.00
Bonding of Adhesive Resin Luting Agents to Metal and Amalgam
no access 171 176 £10.00
Mould Filling of Ag-Pd-Cu-Au and Ag-Zn-Sn-In Alloy Castings made using a Rapidly Prepared Gypsum-bonded Investment Material
no access 177 180 £10.00
A Pilot Survey of Dental Health in a Group of Drug and Alcohol Abusers
no access 181 184 £10.00
Research Approaches in Prosthodontics
no access 185 189 £10.00
Do our patients get what they deserve? Implants as a minimum standard of care
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