European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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Effect of Five Staining Solutions on the Colour Stability of Two Acrylics and Three Composite Resins Based Provisional Restorations
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Surface Microhardness of a Resin Composite: a Comparison of a Tungsten Halogen and a LED Light Curing Unit, in vitro
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Partial Edentulism and Removable Denture Construction: a Frequency Study in Jordanians
no access 13 17 £10.00
Bond Strength of Luting Cement to Casting and Soldering Alloy
no access 18 22 £10.00
The effect of cooking method upon the titratable acidity of a popular vegetarian dish – Scope for reducing its erosive potential?
no access 28 31 £10.00
Variability Of Centric Relation Position In TMD Patients
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Comparison of two topical treatments for dentine sensitivity
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Recording surface detail on moist surfaces with elastomeric impression materials
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