European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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Biomechanical Methods Applied in Dentistry: A Comparative Overview of Photoelastic Examinations, Strain Gauge Measurements, Finite Element Analysis and Three-dimensional Deformation Analysis
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Effect of Curing Cycles on the Mechanical Properties of Heat Cured Acrylic Resins
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A Questionnaire Based Study to Investigate the Variations in the Management of Tooth Wear by UK and Prosthodontists from Other Countries
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Determining the Dimensional Stability, Fracture Toughness and Flexural Strength of Light-cured Acrylic Resin Custom Tray Material
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The Reproducibility and Accuracy of Internal Fit of Cerec 3d Cad/cam all Ceramic Crowns
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Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Posterior Fiber Reinforced Composite Fixed Partial Denture: Framework Design for Pontic
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Prosthetic Status and Treatment Needs among Patients Attending the Prosthodontic Department in a Dental Institute in India
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Effects of Vertical Interarch Space and Abutment Height on Stress Distributions: A 3d Finite Element Analysis
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IADR Pre-Prosthetic Regenerative Science Award Ceremony
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