European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry

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A Simple Method to Fabricate Stabilized Record Bases: A Modified Approach Using Casting Wax for the Borders
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Effect of Artificial Saliva and pH on Shear Bond Strength of Resin Cements to Zirconia-Based Ceramic
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Digital Data Management for CAD/CAM Technology. An Update of Current Systems.
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Unilateral Bounded Saddles: A Clinical Case Report on the use of a Two Part Sectional Removable Partial Denture
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A Preliminary Evaluation into the Performance of Posterior Resin Bonded Cast Metal Restorations (Adhesive Onlays)
no access 24 28 £10.00
A Study to Evaluate the Prevalence of Golden Proportion and RED Proportion in Aesthetically Pleasing Smiles
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The Effect of Laser Irradiation on Retention of Full Cast Crowns
no access 34 39 £10.00
Provision of an Appliance to Correct Mandibular Deviation Secondary to Temporomandibular Joint Replacement
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Evaluation and Comparison of the Internal Fit and Marginal Accuracy of Base Metal (Nickelchromium) and Zirconia Copings Before and after Ceramic Veneering: A Sem Study
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